Thursday, August 14, 2008

Line Graphs - So Exciting... Not!

I'm afraid I didn't make much progress today on the project. I was busy most of the day with other things. But, I did press forward a bit in getting things planned out.

I'm trying to get as most of my information, planning, ideas, etc. "on paper," because it's much easier to keep track of things that way. One way I'm keeping track of information is graphs.

Since conflict is the most important element of a story, I started with a graph for it. When I decide what visual cues I'm going to use to indicate danger or conflict, I can use the graph to better keep track of where I should use those cues, and how much. At the moment, I'm thinking I'll use higher contrast, higher saturation, and more dramatic shots for areas of high conflict.

I did some experimenting today with creating a color script, and decided that using the beat boards in Photoshop may not be the best way about it. I need more of the "secondary" beats in the color script to properly represent the changes in color that will occur. I also need to go study some color scripts, so I have a better idea of what I'm striving for. After rather poor results from a Google search for color scripts, I'm thinking I may have to go snooping in art books. In the mean time, I'll just work on character designs, I suppose.

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